7-33637 – Line 2

Comments on the system operation:

1-DPF was installed on the bus on 2015-06-02.
2- DPF has been removed after two weeks working on Jun 17th. After receiving cleaning machine DPF was cleaned on Aug 10th and was installed on Aug 22nd but worked only for ten days. The last cleaning was done on Sep 4th but cleaning issue was unavoidable after only three days working. Finally DPF was replaced by muffler on Sep 8th and system have been working from that date without DPF.


33637-2016.08.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.08.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.07.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.07.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.06.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.06.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.05.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.05.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.04.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.04.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.03.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.03.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.02.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.02.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.01.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2016.01.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.12.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.12.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.11.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.11.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.10.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.10.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.09.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.09.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.08.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.07.15.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.07.01.pdf  Download  
33637-2015.06.01.pdf  Download  

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