6-85476 – Line 10

Comments on the system operation:

1-DPF was installed on the bus on 2015-02-23.
2-DPF was cleaned on 2015-07-22 for the first time.
3-Second cleaning was done on 2015-12-15.
4- Unavailable data were due to bus stops or data logger problems.


85476-2016.08.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.08.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.07.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.07.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.06.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.06.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.05.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.05.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.04.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.04.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.03.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.03.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.02.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.02.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.01.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2016.01.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.12.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.12.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.11.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.11.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.10.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.10.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.09.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.09.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.08.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.08.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.07.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.07.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.06.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.06.01.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.05.15.pdf  Download  
85476-2015.05.01.pdf  Download  

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