3-78524 – Line 4

Comments on the system operation:

1-DPF was installed on the bus on 2015-01-28.
2-DPF core was replaced by muffler on Jul 22nd and was cleaned and reinstalled on the bus on Aug 12th.
3-Considering system relatively high backpressure, filter isolation defect and air filter’s deformation, DPF core was removed on Sep 16th and installed on Nov 17th after cleaning and system improvement.
4-The third cleaning was unavoidable after only 6 days working and was done on 2015-11-29. System only worked for two days and DPF was replesed by muffler on 2015-11-30.
5- DPF was cleaned and installed for the fourth time on 2016-01-19 and was replaced by muffler after only three days working because of high backpressure.
6- A new core was installed on 2016-05-14.
7-DPF was cleaned on 2016-06-25.
8-DPF was replaced by muffler on 2016-07-10 due to high backpressure.


78524-2016.08.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.08.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.07.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.07.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.06.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.06.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.05.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.05.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.04.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.04.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.03.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.03.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.02.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.02.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.01.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2016.01.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.12.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.12.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.11.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.11.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.10.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.10.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.09.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.09.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.08.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.08.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.07.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.07.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.06.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.06.01.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.05.15.pdf  Download  
78524-2015.05.01.pdf  Download  

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