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ASA is a private company with an active and flexible presence in industry fields as a partner or service provider for international industrial companies, investing and working towards industrial projects. We consider Globalization and the new flexible rules and multi dimensions governing this concept as the frame work for our business. We provide trustworthy performance, imaginative approach and modern technology, which are the principles of our company’s corporate structure.



Why DPF?

All engines produce fine particles. both as soot and also ultrafine metal oxides from abrasion and lube oil additives. However, the heterogeneous combustion processes in Diesel engines deliver the highest concentrations. Despite intense engineering efforts, the emissions of the numbers of nanoparticles from new diesel engines are not diminished. Using oxidation catalytic converters, fuel additives, Sulfur-free fuel, Bio fuels and optimizing the combustion processes can diminish the mass PM, comprising the solids and condensates but the ultrafine particles are at the most decreased by one order of magnitude. It is insufficient compared to good particle filters that can diminish ultrafine particles by 3 to 5 orders of magnitude. DPF is well-known for reduction of both mass and numbers of particles and known as a best available technology (BAT) for solving airborne particulates issue.

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